Analytics, RFID and the NHL

by Oct 6,2014RFID

Labelink as a primary manufacturer of high quality cpg labels and flexible packaging, when we mention that we also are Canada’s only manufacturer of RFID tags and labels as well, the first thing many of our traditional  customers ask is “What is RFID?”.  Well this is an easy, yet difficult question to answer. We can simply say “Radio Frequency IDentification”, but that doesn’t quite explain the potential possibilities that RFID can bring.

RFID at its core is about the ability process information, using the power of radio frequencies, in an automated fashion. The 3 dimensional transmission of radio frequencies, no longer requires the preciseness of line of site requirements and print needed for traditional barcodes. With these limitations eliminated, this now opens up the possibility of performing even more data read opportunities.  If a savvy company decides to engage in these opportunities, they will then have a wealth of data to be mined, which can be used to increase operational efficiencies which can also help drive sales.  It’s all about analytics nowadays, and those companies that use the data, and the answers that it provides, are the ones that are going to succeed. THAT….is RFID!!

Now with the first game of the 2014 NHL season right around the corner, one interesting company related to hockey, is utilizing RFID as an aid in their new analytics department. That company… is the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Yes…the same Toronto Maple Leafs, that have not won the cup since 1967, is reaching out not just for the latest free agent, but is also reaching out for more data in that elusive quest for the Stanley Cup! The latest trend in and amongst the NHL ( and in fact all professional leagues, is analytics. RFID is being enabled by electronically tracking players and using the information gleaned from that data to perhaps define playing strategy and personnel decisions. One can only truly guess how the data is being used, but that fact that a storied NHL franchise is using the same technology that any company can use to manage their business, is a strong selling point for RFID in general.  Proof in point is the many Labelink customers already utilizing Labelink RFID products to track not only end use goods, but also machines and people.    You can read the whole article on analytics and the Maple Leafs as found in at

For more information on how are customers are tracking machines and people with RFID, along with the rest of our portfolio of RFID Tags and Labels, including  references to our systems integrator partners,  please contact Norm McGlaughlin at – Director RFID Products, Labelink.