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Chemical and Industrial Labelling and Packaging Solutions

Select Durable Packaging Solutions for your Chemical or Industrial Products 

Labelink is highly knowledgeable about the many requirements of labelling and packaging in the industrial and chemical sectors and provides expert solutions that surpass market standards. The portfolio includes a wide range of products including labels, shrink sleeves, pouches and RFID tags.


Labels and tags

Labels & Tags


Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels 


Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Evident Seals 


RFID tag

RFID Labels and Tags


Tear Resistant Tag

Tear Resistant Tags


Variable information printing labels

Variable data printing labels





GHS Compliant & WHMIS Labels

GHS Compliant & WHMIS Labels


Identification Labels and Tags

Identification Labels & Tags


UL Certified Labels

UL Certified Labels


Circuit Board Labels



Comply. Inform.

Creating a robust solution that complies with regulations, educates users, boosts branding, and guards against counterfeiting can be challenging. Trust Labelink’s expertise and creativity to tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

Leave your mark with extended content booklets, high-end decoration and embellishments or security features on labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

Vertical Market Wisdom. 



  • – Labelling solutions for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, lawn & garden topsoil, decorative stones, mulch, etc.
  • – Display hazardous symbols that standup to the toughest environmental conditions
Automobile et aérospatiale
Automobile et aérospatiale

Automotive & Aerospace

  • – Complete range of labels for car assembly plants, under the hood applications and tires
  • – Serialized tags and labels, durable labels, destructible labels, tamperproof labels, traceability features and RFID tags and labels
  • – Skydrol resistant labels, fire-retardant labels, high temperature resistant labels available in vinyl, polyimide, aluminum and polyester, and repositionable labels with no residue

Industrial Cleaners, Petrochemical and Paint

  • Labels with high initial tack and long-term adhesion for various surfaces (smooth, textured, painted, lacquered, rusted, dusty or curved) ideal for drums and other containers
  • Drum identification labels conforming to BS 5609

Electronic Products & Circuit Boards

  • – Durable and UL labels, void labels, serial number labels 
  • – Solutions for clean room environments 
  • – Anti-static labels, heat resistant, acrylate labels, labels resistant to welding operations

Forestry and Pulp & Paper

  • – Mill roll identification labels, core labels and tags, bundle tags, UPC labels and tags for logs, air staple gun labelling, etc. 
  • – Variable information printing and weatherproof RFID tags 
  • – Labelling solutions for automation and robot application 

Household Cleaning and Car Maintenance Products

  • – Labelink is a preferred printer for Sobeys and Loblaws in Canada
  • – Labelling solutions for automotive care products, household cleaning products, detergents, soaps, drain cleaners, water treatment, salt, etc. 
  • – Full line of decoration and high-speed labelling solutions 
  • – Extensive experience with sustainable constructions 


  • Labelling solutions, furniture, appliances, HVAC equipment, machinery, tools, cables and wires, etc. 
  • – RFID tags for tracking purposes 


  • – Label for extremely hot ingots and billets, irregular and rough surfaces 
  • – Valeron, polyethylene, tyvek and many other specialty tags, weather-resistant, rolling oil resistant  
  • – Traceability features (bar codes and RFID) 

Windows and doors

  • – No residue labels for glass including linerless options
  • – NFRC labels 
  • – Warning labels 
  • – Tracking and counterfeiting features 
  • – Make your logos and photos come alive with various capabilities

Your industry is unique.
Unlock trustworthy solutions, engineered just for you.

Your chemical and industrial labelling projects are in good hands with us. We have extensive expertise in chemical and industrial applications, and know how to solve your biggest challenges: labels and tags that stay functional throughout the product life cycle, can withstand the manufacturing environment, high temperatures, outdoor weathering, or complex surfaces, meet strict regulatory requirements, display detailed or variable information, prevent counterfeiting and, ensure traceability.

Rigorous Regulatory Compliance Standards. Youre in Safe Hands. 

While some products call for GHS compliant labels others demand BS5609 labels for marine use or require UL certified labels. All our packaging components meet strict industry standards and comply with internationally recognized programs and certifications.

UL certification

What you can expect from Labelink

Simple and Fast Transition

Efficiency Gains and Operational benefits

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

Simple and Fast Transition

Efficiency Gains and Operational benefits

State-of-the-Art Capabilities