About Us/Sustainability

LABELINK Sustainability Commitment

  • Label Inc is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of its printing solutions without impacting performance and to keeping costs in line with customers budgets as much as possible

  • Labelink is dedicated to recommending safe printing solution that support customers sustainable strategies and reduce their environmental footprint.

Our sustainability initiatives


  • Offer labels made with paper certified by the forest stewardship council
  • ensure that labels for plastic bottles are recyclable offer films and papers made from renewable sources that are manufactured in plants that respect the industry’s most rigorous health and safety standards
  • incorporate thinner face toksan liners which are more efficient in sustainable this translates to less over change and substantial savings and shipping costs(freight and boxes)
  • give our waste a second life by recycling it
  • make our own packaging recyclable

Strengthening our customers sustainable packaging initiative

our long term relationships with raw material suppliers allow us to deliver various solutions that can narrow our customers environmental footprint we can recommend printing solutions that remains safe and include one or more of the following characteristics:

        • high level of recycled material
        • easy to remove from the container an recyclable(where facilities exist)
        • renewable
        • compostable
        • require less raw material
        • generate less waste

we also encourage our customers to use the recycling programs offered by raw material manufacturers, and request their zero waste initiative certificates: liner waste is recyclable, and can be disposed of directly at the location using corrugated boxes

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