Agrochemical Labels and Horticultural Tags

by May 24,2023Industrial & Chemical, Labels

Are you in need of agrochemical and horticultural labels and tags?

Labelink creates and prints agrochemical and horticultural labels and tags for pesticides, fertilizer, seed, growing mix, and plants. From identifying seeds, planting, and growing crops, to labelling plants, your industry is unique and so are the solutions.

Agrochemical extended content labels
Large size agrochemical labels
Agrochemical tags for sowing on pouches
Shrink sleeves agrochemical labels
2-ply resealable agrochemical labels
Retails tags and agrochemical labels for plants and nursery
Plant identification stakes and tags
Agrochemical safety labels
Reliable agrochemical labels

Unlock trustworthy agrochemical and horticultural labels and tags

Many factors come into play when creating a reliable agrochemical and horticultural labels and tags. Solutions must often:

  • display extensive product information​ in multiple languages
  • present accurate and clear information about hazardous ingredients (pre-printed or variably printed by your operations)
  • comply with rigorous regulatory standards and GHS labelling requirements
  • withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and outdoor elements throughout the product lifecycle
  • include security features to protect the intellectual property investment against counterfeiting
  • add variable printing information and traceability features such as lot codes, dates, variety, etc.

Good to know

  • Research and development for new applications and containers
  • High speed labelling application​s
  • Full line of decoration for large or small volume​
  • Internationally recognized programs and certifications
  • Large customer base of international organization such as BASF
  • Proven solutions for variable information printing: thermal transfer, laser and ink jet technologies
Green packaging solutions for agrochemical products

Eco-friendly packaging. What does it mean to you?

Geener packaging can be applied to agrochemical and horticultural products. Let us help you address the consumer call for a better environment. Labelink can propose solutions that:

  • use fewer resources
  • reduce waste
  • is APR recognized
  • and more.

What you can expect from Labelink