Pro Label LLC is now Labelink USA

by May 31,2024Featured-Blog, Featured-Homepage, Press release

A bright future, together under Labelink USA

As we approach the second anniversary of joining the Labelink family, Pro Label LLC is proud to announce that it now does business as Labelink USA.

The name change to Labelink USA is intended to better reflect our position as a “center of excellence” for packaging solutions in the United States. By the same token, we are on a mission to support the growth of our customers and create an integrated network of regional plants through strategic acquisitions. As such, the Wisconsin hub has the responsibility to look at expansion opportunities.

“Pro Label and its name have stood strong for 30 years. That is something I am very proud of. Many of us have stood together for a long time and we will never lose that. Let’s continue to build a bright and strong future as Labelink USA.”

Brian Hermann

President, Labelink USA

All in all, it’s an exciting time for the Appleton and Virginia* facilities! Same location, same remarkable team, new corporate identity.

*Read the official announcement to customers. Appleton. Virginia.

*Read the official announcement to suppliers. Appleton. Virginia.

ProLabelLLC is now Labelink USA