Reduce printing costs with design-based variable data printing

by Feb 9,2022Variable data printing

The most common application of design-based variable data printing is to consolidate multiple SKUs into one larger order. Variable printing is also very useful to print warning messages that alternate from packaging to packaging, obey different provincial/country regulations, change languages or add batch numbers and best before date.

• Alternate health warning messages • Country-of-origin labelling or compliance with local regulations •
• Languages • Multiple SKUs • Seasonal •

Alternate health warning messages: Some industries must follow strict packaging and labelling requirements. For example, health warning messages must be displayed in rotation on cannabis packaging. At Labelink, we can add variable data printing on flexo job (in black/grayscale) and digital run (CMYK).

Country-of-Origin labelling or compliance with local regulations: In many countries, it’s mandatory to indicate where the product is sourced, a manufacturing code, a batch number and / or best before date. Variable data allows printing such information as long as the label design remains the same.  At Labelink, we can add variable data printing on flexo job (in black/grayscale) and digital run (CMYK).

Languages: Products sold in multiple countries can keep the same graphic elements while the copy changes.

Multiple SKUs: Multiple variations of a product (scents, colours, flavours) are classic examples of a variable data printing application. If the labels or shrink sleeves share the same size, shape, and material, they can be grouped into one large order to reduce costs.

Seasonal: Need a special label for Valentine’s Day, St-Patricks Day and Easter? Take advantage of variable printing by grouping a seasonal product with another regular order.

Could your product benefit from design-based variable data printing on flexo or digital press?